Living a Life of Yes #1

• October 14th, 2018

You hear from culture, society, time experts and friends. "No!" You don't have time. You don't have the money. You don't have the energy. 

What I'm proposing is that you can change your life with a single word. "Yes!" 

It starts here with these four minutes. 

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Living a Life of Yes #2, “Not Like Me”

• October 28th, 2018

Living Life of Yes means reaching out purposefully to those who don't look like you, think like you, or act like you. I get it. There' safety in those who are "like us." I love my family, friends, and neighbors. And I take comfort in their places in my life.  Purposefully discomfort. Try it! In this short episode, we'll talk about a couple of practical solutions to be with those who are "Not Like Me."

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Living a Life of Yes #3, “The Joy of Getting Lost”

• November 11th, 2018

No likes being lost. But through the unsettling and uncertainty, you'll begin to create mental markers of who you are and where you're supposed to be. Listen to this story about a young man I met who was jogging and who had lost his way.

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Living a Life of Yes #4, “Seven Seconds to Change a Life”

• November 19th, 2018



Samuel Chambers is a well-dressed man who stands on a Chicago street corner. He speaks with a slightly gravelly voice, talking to thousands every day. Some slow to hear the message. Most quicken their paces. For 50 years this tenacious man has been using his influence seven seconds at a time.

(Music by the Sea Has Spoken, Hywl)

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Living a Life of Yes #5, “Embrace Discomfort”

• November 25th, 2018

When you are in recovery, with a felony on your record, employment doesn't come easy. But Spring Back Colorado has been giving men a chance for seven years now, and they have recycled more than 381,000 mattresses. For Christopher Conway, the entire Spring Back operation has been about saying yes – even when it was uncomfortable.

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“Ripple Effect” — Episode #6

• December 10th, 2018

When you say "yes," you're not just impacting your life. You might also inspire someone else and they'll be the one to do the great thing. In this episode we'll review a few words that changed the hearts of men and women. And a few simple inventions that changed the course of history. You never know what you impact you'll have on those around you and maybe the world. 

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Lessons from Buddy the Elf - Life the Life of the Innocent Dreamer

• December 21st, 2018

Buddy the Elf doesn't fit in anywhere. He's a human who is failing as an elf at the North Pole. And on earth, his child-like ways don't mesh with modern life. He embraces the wonder of whatever world he is in and bypasses the judgement of others. If you want to live a life of Yes, you'll need to quit worrying about fitting in. Dreamers aren't always popular. And rarely are they part of the crowd. So just dream. 

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Make “Yes” be Your Word of the Year

• December 31st, 2018

A modern twist on the traditional New Year’s Day resolution is to adopt a single word or phrase for the year. Some people pick words like “forgiveness,” “service” or “freedom.” But the word I chose three years ago wasn't particularly profound. It wasn’t all that deep. It wasn’t spiritual. It was a simple word. “Yes.”

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“Don’t Quit” Living a Life of Yes #9

• January 13th, 2019

The Mississippi River starts off as a small stream in Minnesota. It takes the collective addition of thousands of tributaries to make it "Mighty." Our efforts don't always look like they are making a difference. But when added to the other's, they can make an impact. Did you know Vincent Van Gogh sold one painting in his life, painting in obscurity? And yet his work has changed art perhaps forever. Don't quit. 

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“Floating on a Lawnchair” — LLY Episode #10

• January 27th, 2019

Larry Walters was called a dunce, a moron, a fool. He decided to strap his lawnchair to 45 weather balloons and float to the heavens. 15,000 feet later, he had accomplished his lifetime dream. I think Larry is a hero, living out his dreams no matter what others thought. 

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